10 IMDB top rated Telugu movies waiting inside

They make you laugh,

they make you cry,

they make you ponder,

they make you wonder,

they make you escape from your worries at least momentarily.

Yes, we are talking about our very own movies, which are more than just a form of entertainment. Then again, there are some movies that you want to watch again and again. We compiled one such list of Telugu movies for you which are also IMDB’s top rated flicks.

1. Anand – A good film just like a good cup of coffee.

Anand is a movie by director Shekhar Kammula that promised a brave new era ahead. Portrayal of the female lead Kamalinee as an independent woman and male lead Raja’s never say die attitude make this love story a unique one. What’s even more interesting is the fact that a lot of characters in the movie have prominent roles to play more than being merely present. The movie is all about a guy who has a heart of gold, trying really hard to impress a tough girl.



2. Bombay – Love knows no religion.

With a stellar star cast comprising of Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala and AR Rehman’s soulful music, director Mani Ratnam made this film centered around Bombay riots. The movie screened at many international film festivals and won several awards. Love blossoms between a Hindu man and a Muslim woman and they marry each other against all odds. They move to Bombay only to realize that the religious discrimination here is way more than they had faced back in their village. How the film manages to convey a message of humanity amidst some brutal killings has to be watched.


3. Pokiri – It only takes one fearless man to destroy evil.

First of its kind gangster thrillers, Pokiri did astoundingly well at the box office Mahesh Babu’s career went to the next level. It was remade into many other languages and received equal applause as it did in Telugu. Mahesh Babu, the main lead is a professional killer who is wanted by the cops for interrogation. On the other hand, underworld dons want him for keeping opponents at bay. True identity of Mahesh is revealed only towards the end of the story and that’s a major eyebrow-raiser.


4. Surya son of Krishnan – Reiterating that a father is a son’s first hero.

Surya son of Krishnan is a feel good movie artistically made on a rich canvass. Cinematography, editing, choreography and every technical aspect deserves a good mention. Surya received many laurels for playing various roles when seen on a micro level. He donned the roles of a loving father, a teenager, a lover, a drug addict, a dying father and a military officer. Surya falls in love with Simran and ties the knot. He is a huge source of inspiration for his son throughout.


5. Eega – A visual extravaganza that is beyond the story of an ant.

After Eega hit the theaters, Rajamouli was praised for bringing out such a visual wonder in Indian cinematic history. Nani’s humor, Samantha’s cute looks, Sudeep’s terrific performance as an antagonist & Keeravani’s music add gravitas to the story line. Visual effects in the movie are excellently exceptional. The emotional struggle of the Eega and its mannerisms will endear it to kids. Nani, who is in love with Samantha is killed very soon. How he reincarnates as a housefly and seeks to avenge his death forms the crux of the story.


6. Rangam – The stage is set for bringing out culprits into the limelight.

In times of declining objective journalism, Rangam proved to be an inspiration for fairness. Kudos to the director for adding an element of romance and humor to balance the gripping tension. Jeeva is a photo journalist in this thrilling crime suspense and his team mates are Pia Bajpai and Karthika. Major twist in the movie comes when Pia dies in a bomb explosion. Rest assured that you’ll get to watch a spine tingling thriller.


7. Dookudu – An undercover cop is driven by his father’s righteousness.

Dookudu was called as ‘The biggest hit you’ve never heard of’ by the Los Angeles Times. It won many awards and turned out to be a huge commercial success. The reality show depicted in the movie brings in a lot of humor. Mahesh Babu is a dynamic cop on a lookout for underworld mafia. While he is on a mission in Turkey, he falls in love with Samantha, who is an aspiring fashion designer. Meanwhile Mahesh’s long comatose dad wakes up and it is now his duty to make sure nothing hits him back.


8. SVSC – Empathy pays off.

Srikanth Addala filmed a multi-starrer movie that is based on a family drama. Not having names for two of the main leads in the movie is intriguing. Venkatesh is Prakash Raj’s elder son whose defined by audaciousness. His younger son Mahesh babu is a charming young man who eventually falls in love with Samantha. How Prakash Raj leads by example and turns out to be an eye-opener for his relatives forms the crux of the story.


9. Attarintiki Daredi – A family doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be united.

This movie was leaked before its release and caught more attention. Nevertheless, it managed to gain huge collections and critical acclaim. Pawan crooned ‘Katama Rayuda’ song for this movie and it made way to everyone’s repeat mode. Pawan Kalyan, a multi-millionaire business magnate is on a mission to unite his paternal aunt Nadhiya with his grandfather Boman Irani who is on his death bed. Pawan’s attempts to convince his aunt is an uphill battle and a must watch.


10. Mirchi – Loving someone does no harm. Worst case, it may be returned.

Mirchi opened strong and collected a whooping amount. Scenes involving great chemistry between Anushka & Prabhas were the talk of the town for a very long time. After Prabhas falls in love with Richa, he travels to her village only to find violence everywhere. How he transforms the people in this village into better humans while he discovers a deeper cause forms the story line. DSP’s music and Prabhas’s debonair looks are an icing on the cake.


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