10 Reasons why Anand stays in your heart for a long time

Watch it once or many times, Anand is a movie that will be etched in your heart. It is in fact compared to a good cup of coffee. Due to all the reasons mentioned below, Anand will never cease to attract us.

1. Background music, rain and feel good neighborhood: Music is such an intrinsic part of the movie right from the beginning and carries the mood of the movie just the right way. Veturi garu’s lyrics and Radhakrishnan’s tunes came a long way. Female lead Kamalinee (Roopa) teaches music to kids besides working for a company. Rain to compliment the good and bad moods and the entire space around Roopa’s house will give a pleasant feeling.

2. Anand: The movie is titled around the male lead’s character Anand. Anand (Raja) brings so much happiness in the lives of people next to him that you start to wonder if such a person actually exists in the real world. But if he did exist, a lot of us would wanna go drag him into our lives.

3. Roopa (Kamalinee): It is not very often that filmmakers portray women in strong and independent characters. Kudos to Shekhar Kammula, a lot of women in today’s age can relate to Kamalinee’s character. Singer Sunitha adds life to her dialogues. Kamalinee is ready to make many sacrifices in order to be with the guy she loves but her self-respect. The moment she backs off from the wedding when her mother-in-law to be degrades her is a sign of strength and not arrogance, mind you.

4. To err is human: Roopa’s parents and brother are killed in a road accident few years ago. The person who causes the accident (Anand’s father) feels so guilty that he becomes mentally retarded. He is always chanting Roopa’s name and wants to support her financially.

5. Love happens naturally: Anand tries to make friends with Roopa and remember that surprised & ‘out of the world’ look on his face when Satya declares him as Roopa’s new guy (‘Roopa kotha boyfriend’). When Anand almost gives up his attempts to win Roopa’s heart, Roopa realizes about her love for him. The scene where Anand is walking away in the rain and Roopa feeling helpless will move you.


6. Down to earth attitude: Be it Roopa, her friends or Anand, they are all absolutely down to earth. Anand gives no airs and reveals his true identity only after bashing up Anuj for his misbehavior with Roopa.

7. Baby Bakita is just lovable: Admit it, Samatha (Baby Bakitha) is a total sweetheart, blame it on her cute looks, mannerisms or Telugu. Her bond with Anand deserves a special mention. Another kid in the movie Srikanth and the pet dogs are equally adorable.

8. Introduction of friends & granny: Anand is not a movie that revolves only around a hero and a heroine. There are so many characters (Roopa’s friends, Grandma, Anand’s cousins) in the movie that have prominent roles to play.

9. Fresh Scenes: An old vendor roasting corn on the cob on the front porch or Kamalinee and her friend preparing gulab jamuns over a kerosene stove as it pours continuously outside, make bring back so many memories.

10. Elements of Hyderabad – Our very own Padma Rao nagar, lite theesko attitude, chai and chat are sure to remind one of Hyderabad and awaken the Hyderabadi inside.

We will leave it at that and go back to drown ourselves in the movie with a hot cup of coffee alongside.