Hey Krishna Web Series Teaser out Now

Hey Krishna is an upcoming Telugu web-series by YuppTV Originals, starring Varun Sandesh, Kashish Vohra and Harsha Chemudu in lead roles. Directed by Lakshmi Kanth Chenna, Written by Mahi Illindra.

After the success of Mana Mugguri Love Story web series from the team of YuppTV Originals, yet another interesting release is their web-series titled ‘Hey Krishna’. With Varun Sandesh, Kashish Vohra and Harsha Chemudu in lead roles, the web-series was just what was needed to kickstart the new year. It is directed by Lakshmi Kanth Chenna and written by Mahi Illindra.

The teaser of Hey Krishna opens with a fast beat music and a sloka from the bhagavad gita. Varun Sandesh is seen throwing away an idol of Lord Krishna. It is quite unpredictable as to why Varun abandons the idol. Is he an atheist? Has he undergone troubles in life for him to lose faith in Lord Krishna? Only the episodes can tell!

Keep watching this space for the trailer and full episodes of Hey Krishna. Online viewers are all praise for the background music and editing already. What did you like about Hey Krishna’s teaser? Have your say in the comments below.

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