Play to win it this Valentine’s Day

The day of love comes with dinners, champagne, exquisite flower festivals, poetry readings and adventures for duo to impress your date with a romantic getaway with each other. Not to forget it’s a great time to pamper yourself.

The most romantic 24 hours could be with friends, your significant other and even with your own, there are ways to make the day chic, fun and Instagram-worthy that are simple but may not be that obvious. There’s no need to break the bank to show your love on February 14  Simply follow these steps to win movie tickets.

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  1. Comment your love with a romantic dialogue from a movie
  2. What’s the most original compliment you’ve been paid by your beloved?
  3. Do you think all good girls fall for bad guys? Comment with yes or no!
  4. Can you write a lil love note for your beloved and inbox to us
  5. What is the one game you enjoy most with your loved one?
  6. Post a picture of the gift you are giving him/her this valentine’s in the comment!
  7. Ultimate Q: Define Love!!/embedbazaar/play/V3nUvy7/sooperfly/Valentines-Day-Gift-Ideas-For-HER-/vid/1